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Beware of discount mbts online

MBT Patented There are unfortunately a number of companies offering discount mbts online. But please be aware that if you buy discount mbts online you risk damaging rather than strengthening your body.

We therefore strongly recommend you purchase MBTs only through approved MBT stores and dealers who are trained to ensure you can enjoy the full benefits of MBT’s unique, scientifically-proven physiological footwear.



The Certilogo system launched with the FW 13 collection is an advanced traceability system that tackles counterfeiting whilst protecting the MBT patented technologies.

In our products you will find the Certilogo number inside the shoe. With the number you can check your MBTs at the Certilogo website in order so be sure you have bought the original MBTs.



Authorized MBT retailers 

As classified Medical Product +1 original MBTs are designed as training equipment for sport and medical purposes. All approved MBT stockists are trained to give a short introduction to ensure correct and effective use of the product and as such you are sure of correct fitting, and the right information when you are dealing with the authorized retailers.



Over 40 scientific studies prove the unique benefits that only MBTs deliver, here are some of the facts:

  • MBTs activate and tone your muscles
  • MBTs are good for your whole body (not just your feet)
  • MBTs help you burn more calories whether walking or standing
  • MBTs increase your well-being

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Authorized Dealers

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